How to talk about the Silesian uprisings

Under this title July 5, 2016 r. – The 95th anniversary of the end of the Third Silesian Uprising in the Hall of Silesian Parliament held a public debate. Participants of the meeting discussed how to tell a complex and arduous history of Upper Silesia, at the same time to be interested in it as the biggest audience.
The debate was opened by Wojciech Saługa, Marshal of the Silesian with Dawid Kostempski- President of Świętochłowice and Dariusz Kortko – editor of „Gazeta Wyborcza” newspaper in Katowice.
The discussion was attended by Jarosław Bełdowski – collector, donor of the Museum of Silesian Uprisings, Jerzy Gorzelik – councilor Silesia Province Assembly, prof. Ryszard Kaczmarek – historian and Paul Matyszkiewicz – consultant RODN „WOM” in Katowice and the participants of the meeting. Also we have showed  Illustrated reportage of  Józef Krzyk dedicated to the Silesian uprisings, and the next episode of „Film Encyclopedia of  Silesian Uprisings,” directed by Maciej Marmola and Kamila Niesłony.